The Hercules glasses can withstand anything you can throw at them.

This range of top rated safety glasses are available at Massive Equipment. Stop by and check them out at our rental counter. Style, function and comfort rolled into one and prices start at just $10!

JCB Ventilator Housings to Fight Coronavirus

Even in the most trying times, JCB continues to amaze us with their innovation and flexibility. We're honoured to be a part of such a phenomenal organisation, keep up the hard work!

Chairs, chairs, chairs!

A fascinating overview of three styles of rental chairs offered by Massive Equipment Rental & Sales Ltd to its clients in the Cayman Islands.

Chairs, chairs, chairs - part 2!

Continuation of the fascinating overview of chairs offered by Massive Equipment Rental in the Cayman Islands. This is now ann official series complete with slick graphics thanks to the kids upstairs at Massive Media Ltd.