Tools for clearing up after a hurricane

- July 25, 2013

Storms happen, and in the event of a biggie making landfall in Cayman we are going to need to roll up our sleeves and get busy. With forecasters predicting an above average hurricane season this year, we’ve beefed up our inventory of emergency equipment with a range of new portable generators and additional items for both personal and business use.


Take out a Hurricane Standby Contract and reserve a generator in advance of a storm. Contact us on 949 7990 or at for more details.


Starting at 2.5KW and going all the way up to our brand new (and Cayman’s BIGGEST) Triton 350KW, we have Cayman’s widest selection of portable generators.

Power to the island is cut in advance of an approaching storm and is off as long as repairing damage requires. Our smallest generators can be used to power appliances, computers, chargers, fans, etc. The slightly larger (and also BRAND NEW) Honda CX630 is small enough to load in a truck but at 14KW is powerful enough to run an entire house. Our behemoth Triton 350KW is the largest portable generator on island and is powerful enough to run hotels and commercial properties.

In addition, we also have a number of manual transfer switches that allow generators to plug directly into the main electrical panel of a building.

Check out our blog post ‘Me and Genny goes together like peas and carrots’ for more detailed info on portable generators and how to work out which one is right for you.

Propane Tanks

I refuse to make a Hank Hill joke here.

Affordable, reliable, efficient and environmentally friendly; propane is the over-achiever of the Cayman energy market. Our 20lb tanks can be used with a regulator to run your BBQ or create a standalone stove to boil drinking water and cook hot meals.

Useful Equipment

Some of us will need to clear, some of us will need to rebuild – both these tasks are made a lot easier and safer with the right equipment. We have a large number of serviced and inspected chainsawswood chippersair blowers, small air compressors and nailers for rent, as well as a huge assortment of other useful power tools. All are available to rent for 4 hours, per day or per week depending how much work you have to do.

Portable Toilets


Water, water everywhere and not a drop in my toilet tank!

Water is also shut off in the event of an approaching storm, and like electricity it can be some time before it comes back on. Before a storm hits you should store as much water as possible (fill containers, your bathtub, old shoes, anything!) as you will need it for drinking and washing, but what about flushing?

Think portable toilet!

We store rainwater throughout the year to use for cleaning our portable toilets, even in the event of mains water being shut off. We have a wide selection suitable for personal or commercial properties and also available for per day or per week rentals.

Check out our blog post ‘The Wonderful World of Portable Toilets’ for more detailed info on portable toilets.

Other Practical Tips

Brought to you by our friends over at New Resident:

• After a storm, always assume that powerlines are live and never touch low hanging powerlines or objects in contact.

• Only turn on your main breaker once you are sure that every secondary breaker is switched off. Once you switch on the main breaker, check all the secondaries one at a time and call an electrician to fix any faults.

• Open windows and doors to ventilate your house and dry flooded or damp areas to mitigate damage from mould.

• Boil any water before consuming in case of contamination.

• Make sure you do not turn your water back on until your water supplier has advised that water services have been restored in your local area. Once you turn on the water, inspect your home for damaged pipes and have them seen to immediately.

• Children should be especially careful of nasties such as scorpions and snakes that are disturbed during storms.

• Check thoroughly for gas leakages before striking a match.

• Try to restrict the use of telephones to emergencies so lines are left open for people in distress.


Last but not least, stick together and help each other out. One of the many great things about our island is the community spirit and this is an invaluable tool in recovering from a storm. Be ready to share what you have or to accept help you’re offered and we will all get back to our paradise-infused-normality together.

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