“Should have rented a tent!” A.K.A. the reason we have so much canvas around here.

- May 31, 2013

The cynics among you may regard this post as a subliminal-sales-pitch given the ongoing, unrelenting rain we’re experiencing this week (well done cynics, you’re right!), but that’s not all. Massive HQ is currently abuzz with tent-chatter as we just imported and installed a 15,000 sq ft behemoth at The Ritz Carlton for IBM’s uber-event next week as well as preparing installation of the hospitality tents at Cayman Big Game 3 this weekend.

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Needless to say we are tentsperts intellitent very knowledgeable on the subject so here are some reasons why you should give us a call and not leave it ’till a rainy day to have big fun with a big top!

1. Less stress

“Number one, tents just eliminate stress. Because you know you are going to be covered in the event of rain, it really does reduce a lot of the stress. You don’t have to check the weather every hour for the entire week before, and it also saves you from having to come up with a plan B as well, or worse, having to enact your plan B the day of.” Alex Hansen, Event Planner at RT Lodge, Knoxville

 2. Blank canvas.

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Tents allow you complete creative freedom. Unlike most indoor venues your tent is truly a blank canvas – the possibilities with lighting alone are endless! Draping, flooring, furniture.. you can effortlessly convert your tent into a unique venue making your event truly one-of-a-kind.

3. Best of both worlds.

Maybe you can’t decide between having an indoor or outdoor event, or maybe you simply want to have both. With a tent you have the security and shelter of indoors with the ambience beauty and fresh air of the outdoors.

4. Create your own venue.


If you have your favourite beach spot, or that outdoor space that is especially meaningful just to you, tenting gives you the freedom to create the event of your dreams right there.

5. Flexibility

Tents can manage huge or tiny groups, in almost any location, with complete freedom to choose your catering, entertainment etc. Indoor venues have fixed capacity and invariably fixed layout and food and beverage options.

When you rent a tent from Massive we will…

• Ensure the tent you wish to hire will fit your location

• Find the best location if your chosen grounds have major dips

• Ensure your grounds are suitable for pinning down a tent or if weighting is required.

• Recommend the ideal locations for entrances, exits and a catering tent (if required).


Why else should you choose Massive?

Planning an event whether it be a wedding, party, awards ceremony or corporate dinner, can be stressful. There is a lot to think about when it comes to entertainment, décortables, chairdance floorsbarslighting, etc.
We have party rentals coming out of our ears, when you choose Massive you not only get the delights of our fabulous customer service but also delivery and installation from the most professional and able team on island.

Yurt till it hurts, people!

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