Team Massive participating in RYDE-A-THON

- March 9, 2021

Massive has entered a team in the upcoming RYDE-A-THON which starts at 6pm on Friday 26 March and ends at 6pm Saturday 27 March.

Team Massive Logo

Our team is eight spin enthusiasts including David and Christina Kirkaldy, Tess Theaker, and Victoria Sherwin who all work at Massive.  To this group we have enlisted the energy of Aimee McKie, Taylor Kirkaldy, Hannah Howe and Jodi Laderberg.  Each of the group will do three 45 minute classes over the 24 hour RYDE-A-THON.  Thats right … three classes in 24 hours!

You know what would help to motivate us? Your financial support!

This year all funds raised are going to support Caymans ARK.  These guys are doing incredible work supporting those who need a helping hand in our society, and especially over the past year those who have been out of work due to the collapse of the tourism industry.  Help us help them by clicking on the link below and making a donation online on our team page … either via an individual you know on the team or to the group.


Thanks in advance … and come out to see us do the last two sessions starting at 4pm at the Crescent at Camana Bay, if only to see if David is able to keep up with the team and make it to the end.

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