The Wonderful World of Portable Toilets!

- April 18, 2013

I was 16 years old on the day I realised how vital portable toilets are. It was 2am in the campsite on the last night of Reading Festival and I had just watched a shirtless man fall to his muddy doom having failed the infamous ‘Portaloo Gauntlet’ – a cherished tradition of running across the top of a row of portable toilets while people do everything they can to knock you off. After the hilarity had waned I was struck by the awful realisation that most of the portable toilets were now either lying on their side or on fire and there were tens of thousands of well-refreshed revellers sharing the remaining handful. When my resistance inevitably broke a short while later I gave myself a brief internal pep-talk and gingerly ventured inside one….. I’m sure I can stop the story there but needless to say in that moment I realised just how vital and wonderful portable toilets really, really are.

The sights and smells of that day came rushing back to me this week when I was in our yard admiring our Luxury Trailer Grade portable toilets – it would take an army to push these beauties over!

Luxury Trailer Restroom

Massive Luxury Trailer Grade Portable Toilets

We’re #1 in the #2 business!

We here at Massive are Cayman’s first choice for portable toilet rentals. Our units are modern, clean and well maintained and we can cater to events or jobs of any size. Our professional team will deliver, maintain and collect your toilets at any location on island for any rental period. We even offer maintenance, supplies and cleaning services for non-Massive units as well.

Our toilets come in three tantalizing varieties:

Construction Grade (exterior as Special Event Grade below)

Basic drop tank units for placement on long-term job sites. We will replace paper products and provide a wash down of the interior of the unit once or twice a week. In addition to the ‘blue’ in the drop tank water, we apply a powerful, long lasting fragrance to the unit to aid in the masking of odour. Ask any worker on the island, they will tell you that the Massive portables are the best!

Special Event Grade

Toilets under tent

These units are drop tank units with upgraded features such as a mirror, handbag hanger and corner shelves. They also feature a female friendly ‘no touch’ tank and seat design. These units are typically rented on a daily basis but can also be rented longer term with negotiated rates. They never go to construction sites and are kept in top condition.

Luxury Trailer Grade

Men's Urinal's

Believe it or not this is not a picture of the restroom of a fashionable new restaurant here in Cayman – this is the inside of our Luxury Trailer Grade men’s portable toilet!

This unit is the best choice for weddings or corporate functions.The 816 Oasis will accommodate 105 women and 245 men per hour, creating a maximum of 24 gallons of waste per hour.

•             Exquisite interiors
•             Well ventilated
•             Tastefully appointed
•             Easy to maintain & clean
•             Totally self contained
•             Climate controlled for comfort
•             DOES NOT re-circulate waste water

The average person spends three whole years of their life sitting on the toilet, make sure you choose Massive to help make the portable portion of those three years the best it can be! and are standing by now to be ‘privy’ to your toilet needs (I know, sorry… if you have any better toilet puns then please leave them in the comments below!).


Happy toileting!

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